The Baldwin County Commission, the City of Foley and the City of Orange Beach are scheduled to terminate contracts with the Baldwin County Bridge Company (BCBC).

The Beach Express toll bridge is being sold to the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) and will become toll-free for drivers sometime in May.

The tri-party agreement between the bridge company, Foley, Orange Beach, and Baldwin County has existed since 1999. As part of the agreement, each entity has maintained parts of Beach Express. Now, ALDOT will take over those areas and perform maintenance and repairs.

The City of Foley will terminate its agreement Monday evening, while the Baldwin County Commission and the City of Orange Beach are scheduled to terminate their agreements Tuesday during their regular meetings.

Foley is asking the state to keep signage indicating city limits along Foley Beach Express.

ALDOT is purchasing the bridge from BCBC for $57 million and will pay $3 million to Orange Beach for road improvements.

Gov. Kay Ivey announced last month that once a new bridge being built nearby is complete, it will carry southbound traffic and the Beach Express bridge will carry northbound traffic. However, local leaders have questioned that plan and said it may not be a final plan.

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