The Baldwin County Republican Party unanimously passed a resolution over the weekend in reaction to inappropriate books that have been offered in the children and teens sections at libraries throughout the county.

Many public libraries, including Foley and Fairhope libraries, are part of the Baldwin County Library Cooperative, one of only two cooperatives in the state.

The libraries have come under fire after several citizens and groups came forward about sexually explicit material found in books in the children and teen sections. While some say readers should be able to read what they want no matter their age, others say the books should be moved to the adult section of the library so that parents can decide what their children can choose from.

During an Executive Committee meeting Saturday, the Baldwin County GOP passed a final version of a resolution stating that most Baldwin County parents and taxpayers do not want the material available in the children and teen sections of libraries.

The cooperative receives funding from the Baldwin County Commission and the state of Alabama.

The resolution urges the Baldwin County Commission "to appoint candidates for the BCLC board who reflect conservative values and will ensure that sexually explicit content is not displayed or available within reach to children, nor accessible on the Internet on public computers, and will encourage reading instead of indoctrination."

Baldwin County Republican Party chairman Patrick McWilliams said he will speak with the commission this week about the resolution.

"We felt it necessary to follow the money," McWilliams said. "What we found out is that the power of the purse is with the Baldwin County Commission. We as taxpayers and the vast majority of the citizens of Baldwin County want a say on what we feel is inappropriate content for minors. I believe we all need to stand as one voice along with our ALGOP leadership to stop the left and their obvious attempts to negatively influence our children."

The resolution also encourages citizens to contact the BCLC director and board members and "take the steps necessary to have the Alabama Library Association, the Alabama Public Library Service, and all Baldwin County Libraries disaffiliate from the American Library Association and its affiliates which espouse a philosophy of collectivism, i.e. communism; and Marxism, and who have stated in their Library Bill of Rights that the rights of minors to retrieve, interact with, and create information posted on the Internet in schools and libraries are extensions of their First Amendment Rights."

BCGOP Library Resolution Fina by Erica Thomas on Scribd

Citizens are also encouraged to support policy prohibiting elected officials, the BCLC director and board members from displaying obscene or harmful material to minor children.

The Baldwin County GOP also asks for filters placed on public computers to block porn and websites deemed inappropriate for children.

"Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Baldwin County Republican Party is committed to taking all necessary steps, including the foregoing, to protect children and teens from materials that contain content that may be found to be obscene and/or contain explicit sexual content; and

"Be it further resolved those copies of this resolution be transmitted to Governor Kay Ivey, each member of the Baldwin County Legislative Delegation, Baldwin County Commission, and any other parties as deemed appropriate. "

Last week, the Alabama Public Library Service added a policy to compile a list of books that may contain sexually explicit material.

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