U.S. Rep. Barry Moore (R-Enterprise) announced Friday that his campaign released two ads in his bid for Alabama's first congressional district.

Moore's two ads are "Values" and "Tough Votes."

"Values" was initially released on X, formerly Twitter, and is an introduction of Moore to his new voters in the first district since being re-drawn by the federal courts.

The ad describes how he has fought for Alabama conservative values and against President Joe Biden and the Washington establishment.

In "Tough Votes," Moore emphasizes that the weaponization of the FBI and DOJ against former President Donald Trump and conservative patriots must stop and that Moore will defend Americans' liberty and constitutional rights.

In a statement, Moore said, "I didn't go to Washington to join the status quo caucus. I joined the House Freedom Caucus. I went to Washington to take those tough votes. I've defended your freedoms and liberty, and I'll continue fighting for our God-given, Constitutional rights every day."

Moore said, "We cannot allow Joe Biden's radical woke agenda and reckless spending policies to continue."

"I'lI continue fighting the corruption in the FBI and DOJ. continue fighting to close our southern border. I'll continue fighting against wasteful spending in Ukraine. I'II keep fighting against using tax dollars to fund abortions and vaccine mandates. I'll never support the illegal, unconstitutional spying on American citizens by the FBI, DOJ, or any other federal agency," he added.

Moore concluded by saying, "I'm proud to be fighting for Alabama's conservative values in the Swamp, and with your help, I'lI keep on fighting for them."

Alabama's first congressional district race pits two sitting members of Congress against each other for the Republican primary. Moore announced in October he is running in the first district after the federal courts drew him out of the second congressional district he currently represents.

According to Moore's campaign, the ads are backed by a significant digital media buy across the entire first district and will soon be on cable and broadcast television.

Moore will face U.S. Rep Jerry Carl (R-Mobile) in the March 5 Republican primary.

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