For the past 24 hours, Alabama's political leadership has come out swinging against the Biden administration's decision to renege on the decision of former President Donald Trump to relocate U.S. Space Command.

On Monday, the Biden administration announced the headquarters for the U.S. Space Command (SPACECOM) will remain in Colorado, reversing a Trump-era decision to move the HQ to Huntsville.

Trump picked the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville as the new permanent home for SPACECOM. The Arsenal has since repeatedly ranked at the top of the list of potential locations for SPACECOM over its current location in Colorado.

In response, Alabama's state and federal leadership have expressed ubiquitous displeasure at the decision, claiming the move is motivated by politics instead of the best interest of national security since it has been rumored for months that Biden was considering the decision based on Alabama's laws prohibiting abortion.

Gov. Kay Ivey took to Twitter to voice her displeasure with the decision, taking time to bash CNN in the process.

"The White House choosing to not locate Space Command Headquarters in Alabama – the rightful selection – is very simply the wrong decision for national security," Ivey wrote. "The fact that a CNN reporter is who first delivered the news to Alabama should say all."

Attorney General Steve Marshall released a statement saying his office would look into the decision to determine if there is some legal remedy to the administration's decision.

"Biden has made this decision to the detriment of our national security choosing instead to score partisan political points," Marshall wrote. "My office will be reviewing Biden's actions and exploring the state's legal options moving forward."

State Senate Pro Tem Greg Reed (R-Jasper) joined his colleagues in condemning the administration's decision.

"Huntsville, Alabama is a global leader in aerospace, defense, and technology," Reed Wrote. "According to the government's own analysis and report, the non-partisan decision was clear to locate the permanent U.S. Space Command Headquarters in our great state, but the Biden administration is once again prioritizing party lines over clear facts. By overturning this decision, Biden's liberal agenda is risking our military success, and most importantly, American lives."

Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth said the politicized move "surrendered US military advantage."

"Joe Biden corrupted the Pentagon by placing Space Command HQ in Colorado despite three studies that rate Huntsville as the ideal home," he declared. "Blue state Colorado ranked fifth. By politicizing the process, Biden has surrendered US military advantage and put our national security at risk."

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