Republican candidate for Alabama's second congressional district Dick Brewbaker has pledged to serve no longer than five terms if elected and not become a lobbyist once he leaves office. On Sunday, he challenged his Republican opponents to do the same.

According to his campaign, a one-page letter was sent to the second congressional district Republican candidates, asking them to join a five-term pledge, emphasizing his experience serving in government and other career pursuits that include teaching and selling cars. Brewbaker previously said he'd only serve five terms when he announced his first media buy.

"Our Founding Fathers never intended upon our nation to be served by Career Politicians," Brewbaker said. "Taking this pledge voluntarily — and while I welcome the support of any organization advocating for term limits in government — I am doing so of my own volition because it is the right thing to do, and not to curry favor with any organization or constituency."

He concluded, "I ask you to join me in taking this voluntary pledge to the people of District 2. I have made and honored this pledge before, so you know my word is good."

Brewbaker Term Limit Letter by bradley.cox on Scribd

Alabama State Senators serve four-year terms, and U.S. Congressmen serve two-year terms, giving anyone who accepted Brewbaker's challenge a 10-year max in office.

Caroleene Dobson immediately responded and invoked the founding fathers of our country as well. She said term limits in Congress should not just be a pledge but a requirement.

"Our founding fathers intended for members of Congress to be citizen statesmen, not career government employees living off of the federal dime," Dobson said. "You go to Washington, serve your nation for a handful of terms, and then step down for the next citizen statesman to take over with a fresh perspective and new ideas. Congressional term limits should be more than just a pledge - they should be a constitutional requirement."

As of reporting, Alabama State Sen. Greg Albritton (R-Atmore) had not responded to a request for comment.

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The Alabama Republican primary is on March 5.

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