On Wednesday, Auburn head basketball coach Bruce Pearl took to social media to blast President Joe Biden's handling of Iran.

Pearl reacted to an article highlighting how hard the Iranian regime had been hit by sanctions former President Donald Trump had put in place. The author also noted the Biden administration had suspended most of the sanctions, which meant Iranian terrorist groups were returning to their "golden days."

"At the end of 2019, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani estimated United States sanctions had deprived the regime of $200 billion in oil revenue and investment," the author wrote in the Washington Examiner. "And while China still flouted U.S. sanctions on the margins, they imported less than $7 billion worth of Iran's oil in 2020. With rising inflation, a massive cut to revenue, and domestic turmoil caused by the regime's corruption and repression, Iran's leaders simply could not afford to fund their major efforts to destabilize the region — their weekly sales of debt bonds in 2020 would often fail to even sell on domestic markets."

The author added, "Yet in 2021, salvation was delivered almost immediately upon the accession of Rob Malley. He had served as the Biden administration's top official on Iran until his security clearance was suspended this spring during an ongoing investigation by the FBI and Diplomatic Security Service into his alleged mishandling of classified information. Malley and other Biden officials suspended enforcement of most Iran sanctions in a bid to have them rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal."

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According to the outspoken coach, the Biden administration lifting most of Iran's sanctions was "Another Foreign Policy Disaster!" Pearl, a supporter of Israel given his Jewish heritage, also lamented it meant Iran could "threaten Israel" and "arm Russia."

"Rob Malley and Biden officials suspended enforcement of most Iran sanctions in a bid to have them rejoin the weak and dangerous 2015 nuclear deal. This allowed Iran to sell Oil to China, make billions, arm Russia, threaten Israel, fund terrorism. Another Foreign Policy Disaster!" wrote Pearl on Twitter.

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