Auburn head basketball coach Bruce Pearl continued to speak out against President Joe Biden's deal with Iran to swap prisoners and issue a waiver for international banks to transfer $6 billion in frozen Iranian money from South Korea to Qatar without fear of sanctions on 9/11.

Earlier this week, Pearl warned that Iran's terrorist regime was made "stronger" as a result of the deal.

In a Thursday interview on Outkick's "Don't @ Me" with Dan Dakich, Pearl slammed the Biden administration for making "decision after decision done out of weakness."

"Honestly, it just breaks my heart," Pearl said of the deal. "... It's not about political; it's not about bashing our president. I want our president to be successful and be the leader of the free world, but it's decision after decision done out of weakness."

"We're exchanging ... our hostages for terrorists right now," he added. "And I don't care how the State Department spins it. We're not idiots."

Pearl lamented that the White House was negotiating with terrorists and warned that Iran was "weeks away from a nuclear bomb" and working with Russia in the war with Ukraine. He added that the Iranian people didn't want their current leadership.

"It just insults me to listen to the State Department spokesman - look, it's not ransom," he explained. "It's not our money. This is not U.S. taxpayer money. We're simply freeing up money that's theirs anyway that they've [made] through selling oil. ... What do you think, I'm a freaking idiot? Stop. This country must be smarter than that. This is clearly ransom, and we are empowering a nation."

"The Jewish people say 'never again.' We say 'never again.' At 9/11, we say 'never forget.' ... So then, we get reminded 'never forget' by on that day freeing up $6 billion? What a slap in the face for this country and the people that lost their lives against terrorism to then go ahead and give $6 billion to terrorists on that anniversary. You couldn't make this shit up if you tried," Pearl added.

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