Auburn head basketball coach Bruce Pearl is continuing to push for restoring security for Israel and the people of Palestine as Hamas and terrorist groups continue to wage war in the Gaza Strip.

Pearl, a Jewish American who has been very vocal in support of Israel amid the ongoing conflict, called the war "a clear battle between good and evil" after Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel in October. He declared that the only way to achieve peace was the destruction of Hamas and any other terrorist groups with a "death to Israel ideology."

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"At the end of WW1 the US and its allies sought a German surrender without having to transform its state and society," Pearl tweeted on Sunday. "Leaving Germany unoccupied and its capacity for war intact, the armistice failed to establish a stable Europe. Terrorists, Hamas and their death to Israel ideology must be destroyed or peace will never be possible in the Middle East. This is a clear battle between good and evil! Israel has not gone too far, they haven't gone far enough. Stop blaming Israel for the death and destruction in Gaza! Blame Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the from the river to the sea crowd!"

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On Monday, Pearl reacted to a clip of pro-Palestine protesters chanting "Death to America" and "Death to Israel. The coach urged everyone to "Take them at their word."

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