Auburn basketball head coach Bruce Pearl continued to emphasize the importance of removing Hezbollah's stockpiled missiles on Thursday.

Earlier this month, the Jewish-American coach called for the 120,000 missiles being aimed at Israel from southern Lebanon to be removed "by choice or by force." On Thursday, Pearl urged President Joe Biden to "support Israel and help her remove this threat."

"When the Russians parked a couple dozen rockets in Cuba, JFK was willing to risk WWIII to get them removed. Hezbollah has 120k rockets parked in Southern Lebanon waiting for Iran's orders to launch. President Biden should support Israel and help her remove this threat!" Pearl tweeted.

Earlier this week, Pearl questioned why Hamas and Iran were allowed to continue building up while also calling "for the death and destruction of Israel and the United States."

"Iran accelerates production of near-weapons-grade uranium while Hamas builds an enemy state in Gaza. Both call for the death and destruction of Israel and the United States. Why has this been allowed to happen?" he asked.

The head coach has also been vocal in his pushback against the rise of antisemitism on college campuses, recently criticizing some university presidents for not condemning blanket calls of genocide against Jews.

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