MONTGOMERY — It’s “highly possible” that Alabama’s second congressional district race in 2024 will decide which political party controls Congress, according to Caroleene Dobson.

Dobson, a Montgomery attorney and Republican, is facing off against Shomari Figures, a Democrat, in Alabama’s newly drawn second congressional district.

Dobson said at a Capital City Republican Women meeting on Thursday crime and lack of opportunity within the district were two issues she wanted to help solve.

“We’ve got to support our law enforcement and also ensure that we have better solutions for the mentally ill in our communities,” Dobson said. “We have to have opportunities in this district and that means that we have got to deregulate. We have got to make sure that we not only extend the Trump-era tax cuts, but fight to further reduce taxes. Again, we have got to cut government spending so that finally inflation can be curbed and we can once again be profitable in this district and have opportunities that encourage young people to come back to this district. That’s my first responsibility is to win this seat to advocate for the specific needs of this district.”

Dobson said her second responsibility was “to the people of America to fight the fight and win the race to save this nation.” 

“You may think, ‘She’s being kind of dramatic.’ It’s highly possible that control of the House will come down to this race. Republican control of the House is down to one seat right now. It’s not common in Alabama to have contested general elections frankly and it’s certainly not common to have a race that the nation is watching but that’s the case this time,” she stated. “I was in Washington two weeks ago (and) had a lot of really encouraging meetings with the RNC and the National Republican Congressional Committee. They’re very excited about this race. The polling shows that this race is very winnable.”

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