Recently published audio recordings allegedly capture Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed in a series of profanity-laced tirades downplaying his need for the black vote, bashing in-state economic investment in Montgomery and much more.

The audio, posted on a newly created YouTube channel, appears to be heavily edited. However, the audio allegedly shows Reed swearing and discussing his perceived lack of need for the black vote, among other things.

1819 News reached out to Reed's office for comment. His communications director said he was not immediately aware of the audio’s existence and did not offer any further communication after being made aware as of press time.

WARNING: Adult language

"I can come smile — I don't fucking have to do no goddamn work," Reed says. "I don't have to do no work systemically, and I'm going to be fine. And guess what? I will always get 38 to 45% of the white vote. If I can get 30 to 45% of the white vote, I don't fucking have to damn get the black vote I got this past election. I'll fucking win."

The audio is broken up between contexts, so it's unclear what is in reference throughout the recording. In the same audio, Reed is heard apparently discussing the role of "white money" in Montgomery's economy.

"You got black city? That's great," Reed said. "You can have all black everything, and guess what, you won't have green nothing."

"If white, the white money, thinks that you aren't looking after their shit, they will take their shit to Prattville. They will take their shit to Pike Road, and you won't have shit."

Another leaked audio clip obtained by 1819 News shows Reed cursing and discussing the city's relationship with Maxwell Air Force Base and the Gunter Annex, seemingly expressing a desire to use the state's reliance on the bases to garner some benefit for himself or the city.

WARNING: Adult language

"I'm not going to tear up one single fucking conversation with the Governor [Kay Ivey] or Lieutenant Governor [Will Ainsworth] about Maxwell Gunter. Because guess what? I don't know nobody who work[s] in Maxwell Gunter except for the people I have to meet as mayor," Reed continued. "I don't know nobody there. So, if that shit is so important to y'all, then y'all better do some shit that's important to me."

A third portion of the audio, also obtained by 1819 News, contains Reed discussing inquiries he receives from out-of-state entities seeking investment in Montgomery. Reed sarcastically asks if "descendants of Confederate soldiers" are inclined to invest in Montgomery's success. He later states that those same descendants gave "charity" to an all-male private school, which Reed sits as a board member.

WARNING: Adult language

"Don't ever tell me that I'm on fucking TV," Reed continued. "Every time I'm on fucking TV, I got somebody from New York [or] L.A. call me about how can they invest in goddamn Montgomery. You think motherfuckers around here gone invest in Montgomery? You think I expect the decedents of Confederate soldiers fucking investing in Montgomery? Beyond what's good for them? They give you some charity. They'll give you some charity … They'll do something [a] little nice over at Valiant Cross [Academy], where I'm on the board.

"But will they really invest in systemic change? Hell fucking no, they're not going to invest in it. So don't ever mix up what I'm doing… You haven't seen a scientist as diabolical as me because no one has come into this with what I have."

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