Matt Whitaker, appointed by former President Donald Trump to serve as acting United States Attorney General after the resignation of former Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, announced his endorsement of Dr. Brian Christine in the District 15 Alabama State Senate race. Whitaker served as Chief of Staff to the United States Attorney General prior to President Trump appointing him as acting Attorney General.

“I met Brian when he was in Washington D.C. rallying for life in front of the Supreme Court during the oral arguments for the Mississippi Dobbs v Jackson case,” Whitaker said. “I believe he will be the kind of state legislator Alabama and our country desperately needs. He is a conservative fighter who believes in limited government, low taxes, and he is a defender of our rights as stated in the Constitution. He believes a State Senator should be visible in the District and really know the people he serves. He is absolutely pro-life at all stages. He has my full endorsement.”

Christine is a urologic surgeon who has practiced in Birmingham for nearly 30 years. He has never run for political office.

“I am proud to have the endorsement of Matt Whittaker,” Christine said. “Matt knows what it takes to climb into the arena and fight the good fight for the people. I am a surgeon. When I see a problem, I fix it; I cut out what is dangerous and harmful. Alabama needs men and women who will serve, work, and fight to make our state better while never losing our core values of family, liberty, and service.”

Whittaker first came to know the Christine family through Dr. Christine’s younger brother, Bobby Christine. Bobby is a former Trump-appointed United States Attorney and current District Attorney in Evans, Georgia.

Prior to serving in the office of the United States Attorney General, Whitaker was a U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa. In that role, he was known for his aggressive prosecution of drug traffickers. During a House oversight hearing he gained further attention when he refused to be bullied by Democrat Congressman Jerry Nadler and told him “Mr. Chairman, your five minutes are up!”

The Republican primary candidates are Dan Roberts, the incumbent, and Christine. No Democrat is running for this office.

The Republican primary is May 24.

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