The race for sheriff in Conecuh County ended in a tie after provisional ballots were counted a week after the general election, according to Conecuh County Probate Judge Steve Flemming.

The race came down to provisional ballots after polls closed Tuesday, with the difference in the contest one vote. At that time, the race between incumbent Randy Brock (D) and Mike Blackmon (R) was so close that officials concluded there would have to be a recount. Brock was in the lead with 2,224 votes over Blackmon’s 2,223 votes.

The recount Tuesday concluded that both candidates had 2,225 votes each.

There will be another recount Friday morning that will involve nine poll workers, two people from Election Systems & Software (ES&S), the company that makes the ballot machines, and the county's canvassing board, which consists of Flemming, Circuit Clerk David Jackson and Conecuh County Commission Chairman Leonard Millender.

If the race is still tied after the second recount, there will be a coin toss or similar game of chance to decide who the next sheriff will be.

A similar "game of chance" decided another sheriff's race in Alabama in 2018. Sheriff James "Jim" Studdard became the Clay County Sheriff after a coin toss decided who won. Both candidates in that race had 2,680 votes.

No matter how the race is decided in Conecuh County this week, Flemming said the county was proud to have a good election and a decent turnout this year.

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