In 1993, the late comedic actor Robin Williams delivered a career-defining performance as the titular character in Chris Columbus’ “Mrs. Doubtfire.” This heartwarming story of a father pretending to be an old British woman to get closer to his family grossed $441.3 million on a $25 million budget — the second-highest-grossing film of the year.

Despite its PG-13 rating, there’s a lot in the movie that probably wouldn’t fly by today’s standards, the least of which being Williams cross-dressing in a full, near-anatomically correct female body suit and mask for most of the film, or what some today might refer to as “drag.”

Drag queen performances aren’t just for progressive dystopias like San Francisco anymore. They’re quickly becoming all the rage even in the red states, spreading to coffee shops and libraries in Alabama and elsewhere, much to the chagrin of conservatives and concerned parents.

However, one would imagine many of those complaining have seen and enjoyed “Mrs. Doubtfire.” Would conservatives today still condone the film that some might say glorifies drag?

Or should common sense tell us there’s a clear difference between what’s meant for comedy and what’s meant for, well, something entirely different?

Whether it’s “Mrs. Doubtfire,” Klinger from “MASH,” Tyler Perry’s “Madea,” “White Chicks,” “Bugs Bunny” or Tim James’ high school prep rally, men dressing as women is a well-established genre in comedic entertainment, but LGBTQ activists would have us believe it’s no different than drag queen performances of today, where scantily-clad men dance in front of children for money.

Former beauty pageant queen and failed congressional candidate Mallory Hagan tried to drive that point home by commenting on one of 1819 News’ Instagram posts:

I’m guessing the people in this comment section have moved to ban movies like Mrs Doubtfire, Hairspray, She’s the Man, White Chicks, etc. The list of movies that involve drag and are for kids is LOOOOONG. It’s a shame how many people claim to be educated and of God and yet still cannot rub two brains cells together long enough to think for themselves. The world has bigger fish to fry than people enjoying a family event full of fun and character acting. Go touch grass

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This comment was in response to an article regarding the "Pride on the Plains" drag show for children at an Auburn coffee shop. There's also been the recent "family friendly" drag performance at The Birmingham Festival Theatre where "drag kittens," a.k.a. children, helped men collect tips, and there are more drag events planned in Fairhope and Mobile this PRIDE month.

The performers and planners of these events act confused that anyone would have a problem with their shows or that the Alabama Legislature would try to ban these events from public viewing where children are present.

Why do Republicans or conservatives care? Who's it hurting? You liked "Mrs. Doubtfire," didn't you? How many Madea movies have you seen?

First off, most Republicans didn't care about LGBTQ issues until they started being forced into every aspect of public life.

Second, the implication that today's drag shows bear any resemblance to comedic cross-dressing of old is at best ignorant, at worst a disingenuous ploy to mask child grooming, if not sexually, then at least into accepting trans and drag as completely normal. Aspirational even.

If these performances were as innocent as claimed (your lying eyes be damned), it would still need to be asked why there's this desperate need to parade in front of children when adults in nursing homes would probably love the attention.

Shows, movies and even Shakespearian plays where men dress like women, or vice versa, are funny and entertaining for the same reason: the two sexes are inherently different in myriad idiosyncratic ways such that seeing a rotund hairy man with a fake falsetto voice struggle to walk in high heels inherently carries its own slapstick comedic effect.

Take that same crossdresser and have him dance provocatively in front of kids in the real world or read them a book with his face painted up in full woman-face, and it's just plain creepy.

Doubtfire did it for the kids, Bugs Bunny did it to mess with Elmer Fudd, and Klinger did it to escape the Korean War. Whatever the reason people are dressing in drag these days, I think most decent people are saying to just leave the kids alone.

The fact that this offends so many on the left should concern us all.

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