Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders has taken college football by storm so far this season.

The former NFL and MLB star known as "Prime Time" now goes by "Coach Prime" and has brought the same type of flair he had in his playing days to Boulder, Colo.

During a sit-down interview with CBS's "60 Minutes," Coach Prime was asked who he thought was the best coach in college football.

In typical fashion, Coach Prime responded that he needed a mirror to look at the best coach in college football but then heaped praise on University of Alabama head coach Nick Saban. He described his Aflac commercial partner as a "wonderful teacher."

CBS's Jon Wertheim asked Sanders, “Who's the best coach in college football today?”

“Let me see a mirror so I can look at it," Sanders replied.

“You feel that?” Wertheim followed up.

“What, you think I'm going to sit up here and tell you somebody else?” Sanders responded. “You think, you think that's the way I operate? That somebody else got that on me?”

After laughing, he added, “But I'll tell you this. I love and I adore and I respect, and every time I do a commercial with coach Saban, it's a gift. Just sitting in his presence and hearing him and throwing something else out there so I can hear his viewpoint on it because he's forgotten more things than I may ever accomplish. So, I'm a student looking up to this wonderful teacher saying, 'Just - just - just throw me a crumb of what you know.'"

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The Buffaloes went 1-11 in 2022 and are already 3-0 to start the season.

See the full interview here.

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