FAIRHOPE — Second congressional district GOP nominee Caroleene Dobson addressed the Eastern Shore Republican Women’s Club Thursday for a rare Baldwin County appearance.

Although Baldwin County is in district one, ESRW president Judy Barlow said she wanted Dobson to speak in the neighboring district so people in the area could get to know her.

“We need more attitudes of faithful stewardship in Washington, D.C.,” Dobson said.

Dobson reminded voters the race for AL-2 could impact control of the House of Representatives. She encouraged all citizens to get involved in the race by helping spread the word. She said it would take a statewide effort.

“This seat is winnable, but it is going to be a hard battle,” she said. The Democrats are going to throw everything they’ve got at this seat, so I need your help.”

Dobson, who grew up in Monroe County, said she would fight for conservative values in D.C.

“I now live in Montgomery where I am a commercial real estate lawyer and I also serve on the Alabama Forestry Commission,” Dobson said. “My husband and I are raising two little girls there in Montgomery.”

“I’ve never run for office before,” she continued. “So, I often get asked, ‘Why in the world are you doing this?’ Well, growing up in the country, when you see a need, when you see a problem, you pray about it and then you do something about it. My husband and I are very concerned about where our country is headed.”

Alabama Republican Party chairman John Wahl also spoke at the luncheon. He said he is proud of legislation from this session, including school choice and curriculum transparency.

“But I really feel like the greatest battle right now in our country is to secure our children and to safeguard them from a socialist agenda that wants their minds, their hearts and their souls,” said Wahl. “And if that’s where the battle’s at and that’s what they’re engaging, that’s where we as Republicans need to fight the hardest. If we don’t, we lose this country.”

Dobson will face Democratic nominee Shomari Figures in November.

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