Organizers at the Color Fairhope with Pride Drag Show Saturday said they want to take on the entire county in a big way.

The group, which has put on drag shows open to the public and children and heckled those who disagreed with its mission, is calling on the community to let them participate in events.

Color the Eastern Shore with Pride is now looking for members who will help engage the community. A man dressed in drag told participants at the drag show that the group would create a safe place and allow those with pride to present themselves “on their own terms.”

“This shouldn’t be just one random event that we do in June, this should be year-round,” he said.

The drag queen told the crowd that Color the Eastern Shore with Pride wants to be at any event with vendors.

The same group of drag queens and kings who performed Saturday heckled a prayer group standing outside the brewery where they performed in April. The prayer group showed up to pray to protect children who had witnessed drag queen performances at the brewery.

Following the drag brunch, several of the same participants planned a Sunday afternoon picnic at Heritage Park in Foley. However, the event was moved to one of the organizer’s homes due to inclement weather.

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The Color Fairhope with Pride festival was canceled earlier this month after a storm ruined plans. However, the group plans to hold a similar event in October, likely around “National Coming Out Day,” October 11.

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