Following the viral news of children at a drag show at Oyster City Brewing Company in Mobile last month, a group of concerned citizens gathered Sunday for the brewery’s monthly drag brunch. The group stood across the street with a cross and signs that read “Let Kids Be Kids,” “Protect Childhood Innocence” and “2 Corinthians 11:14.”

The brewery advertised the event for April as all ages welcome, and at least one small child was in attendance.

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The prayer group wanted to remain peaceful but still be able to get its point across. They do not believe it is acceptable to have children at an event where performers are dancing provocatively in the faces of those children.

Drag queen Scarlet Leather danced in front of the child in ripped fishnets and stripper heals as the child laughed and pointed.

The drag performers took turns walking around the brewery patio to music and taking tips from attendees. Among notable moves, one performer made a grinding move on a picnic table while another one laid on his back and spread his legs in direct view of the child.

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Another “drag king,” King Braxton Hicks, whose real name is Nadine Andrews Brooks, emceed the event. Brooks is a woman who has been married for over 20 years to her husband.

Brooks noticed the prayer group and reacted by calling on them through the loudspeaker. She read their signs and then asked what group they were from and why they were there. They said they wanted to protect children.

“I’m a parent as well, and a lot of these people up here are parents, so what else you got?” Brooks said. “Are you, I mean, I’m curious about what is this you’re saying. Is this a protest? Is that what it is?”

When the group said they were praying, Brooks pointed out that “not everybody is Christian.”

A couple visiting from Wisconsin and had no idea what they were walking into when they entered the brewery, joined the group outside. The announcer then pointed them out, making fun of the couple.

“Aw, did you guys have a bad time?” she said.

Even after a wardrobe change, Brooks continued to appear irritated by the prayer group. He addressed them again, asking them to come with tips at the next brunch.

Another drag king performer, Wanda Doomy, was also visibly triggered by the prayer group. The performer, donning elf ears and a red trench coat, stood in front of the group and held up a sign that read, “GAY BAD” during his “performance” to “Another One Bites the Dust.”

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At the end of the show, Wanda Doomy took to the mic to address the prayer group.

“I just want to say, if you’re considering protesting basically nothing at all, just remember that releasing one’s victimhood makes way for a new life,” he said.

Brooks said they would be back on May 5 for the “gospel of the drag” and invited everyone to attend the free show.

An employee of the brewery told 1819 News last month that they host family-friendly drag brunches on one Sunday of each month, usually at the beginning of the month.

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