This week, a new movie hit theaters dramatizing the early years of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson and his now wife, Kay, as the two struggled to make their relationship work and follow Christ.

The oldest Robertson son, Al, who lives part-time in Alabama, appeared on a recent episode of “1819 News: The Podcast,” where he briefly talked about the movie and how it mirrored struggles he had in his own life and marriage.

“It’s about mom and dad’s life from when they were children till their late 20s when they came to Christ. It’s really the hard part of our story,” Al Robertson said, who is supposed to be around 10 years old at the time the movie is set.

Al Robertson said his parents’ marriage started to change for the better once they became Christians, but he was already well on his way to being the “prodigal son.”

He left behind his high school sweetheart, Lisa, and traveled to New Orleans to “find himself.”

“I was 16, she was 15. I was not a good person. The evil one totally had my heart, “Al Roberston said. “I took advantage of her… When I left town and went to New Orleans, we were together at that time, and I told her we’d still see each other. All lies. And it broke her heart.”

Al Roberston said they both “went into free fall” in their own ways, and Lisa got pregnant and had an abortion while he was away and out of her life.

After living a worldly lifestyle, Al Robertson became a Christian and soon reconnected with Lisa. The two eventually married, but when Lisa had an affair, Al said he thought their relationship was over. That was when Lisa committed her life to the Lord, and the two began the hard work of getting their marriage back on track and serving God to the fullest. It’s through these trials that Al and Lisa Roberston are now able to offer guidance to others struggling in marriage.

“When we looked at our own lives, we never could have imagined having a marriage ministry because we struggled so mightily the first few years of our marriage,” Al Robertson said. “... It’s really out of brokenness, desperation, all those things that led us to Christ in our marriage, and now it helps us help other people.”

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