With a month and a half remaining until the Alabama U.S. Senate primary election, the campaigns are starting to take some shots at one another.

The latest controversy involves a speech Republican U.S. Senate frontrunner Mike Durant made in 2011 to the U.S. Army War College regarding the use of a military tactic that disarms the public to restore "law and order".

On Tuesday, Mo Brooks campaign co-chair Stan Mcdonald took to the airwaves in Huntsville to claim the logical conclusion drawn was Durant viewed conservatives as "domestic terrorists."

On Wednesday, Durant's campaign fired back.

In comments given to 1819 News, campaign spokesman Scott Stone blasted Mcdonald's comments as "disgraceful".

"These political hacks have some nerve – Mike Durant has seen real terrorism," Stone said. "He's seen real combat. Mike has fought terrorists around the world to defend the God-given rights of every American citizen.

"For Stan Mcdonald to imply that Americans who bear arms are domestic terrorists is disgraceful. Americans have every right to bear arms, and Mike Durant will always defend and support the Second Amendment 100%. Anything contrary to that from the camps of career politicians is fake news."

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