Scammers are out and about in East Alabama, offering a good deal on pine straw and landscaping, then lying to charge victims more money.

The Eufaula Police Department warned citizens to be vigilant.

"The scammers go door to door offering to spread their bales of straw on your property for an excellent price," the PD stated. "While you allow them to work unsupervised, they then come back to you and either claim they used more bales than agreed upon or will need more bales to complete the job."

"Since there was no written agreement or contract for services, and you didn't witness the number of bales being used, this becomes a civil matter," police continued. "Most residents pay the extravagant cost just to have the scammers leave their property."

Anyone going door to door for work in Eufaula must have a permit.

"Have a written agreement and count the number of bales used," the PD added. "Or better yet, use a reputable local company. Once the matter becomes civil, there is little we can do.

Remember the saying: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

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