Despite what a story recently posted to AL(dot)com and other left-wing media outlets claims, a drag queen singer is not topping Christian music charts.

AL(dot)com recently posted a Reckon story by Anna Beahm centered around Matthew Blake, a worship leader turned drag queen who goes by the stage name Flamy Grant — a play on Amy Grant, "the queen of Christian pop."

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According to the article, Blake's song "Good Day" recently became a contemporary Christian music hit after he butted heads with pastor and worship leader Sean Feucht, who said the song was a sign of "the last days." The song features former pastor Derrick Webb, who made headlines for getting a divorce after cheating on his wife and affirming the LGBTQ lifestyle.

AL(dot)com, The Rolling Stone and other outlets reported that following Feucht's comments, Blake took to TikTok to have his followers stream the song. That led to its ranking on Apple Music Christian music charts, which is not the industry standard.

Blake's song was allegedly at the top of the chart for one day but is now nowhere to be found in the top 100.

This brief attention was enough for AL(dot)com to claim in a separate article, "The next Christian music star is a drag queen."

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"This week we're talking about Flamy Grant — the worship pastor turned drag queen whose music is topping the iTunes music charts and garnering the attention of the contemporary Christian music industry," the article read.

Blake has yet to exceed 3,000 Twitter followers or YouTube Music subscribers and has fewer than 14,000 followers on Meta. He also has only 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.  

Furthermore, Flamy's music is not listed on any actual music charts, Christian or otherwise. Flamy is also not on any Christian music radio, and the same "charts" Flamy is said to be "topping" have no trace of his music.

Flamy Grant does not come close to matching the sudden sensation of Oliver Anthony, whose breakout hit "Rich Men North of Richmond" gained him hundreds of thousands of followers in a week, 1.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify and is still the most streamed song on Apple Music.

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