On Monday, SEC Network's Paul Finebaum reacted to the 88th edition of the Iron Bowl, which saw Alabama convert a 4th and 31 for a touchdown with under a minute remaining to avoid the upset.

Many see the "Kick Six" as one of the greatest finishes ever in college football and thus the rivalry, but Finebaum told WJOX FM's "McElroy and Cubelic in the Morning" that the 2023 Iron Bowl ranks "at or near the top."

"I think it depends," Finebaum explained. "You know, if Alabama wins the national championship, then I think this will maybe rocket at or near the top. To me ... I still believe the 2013 ending will go down in history a little bit higher because of the consequences. That was a 1 versus 4 game. The winner of the game benefitted. Had Auburn won this game, which would've been phenomenal, it would have changed maybe the trajectory or feeling, but they were still a mediocre team this year."

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"It was just such a terrible performance until that moment though, and I think that's what made it even more unbelievable. It almost seemed to piggyback the game two years ago," he added.

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