The Alabama Department of Public Health on Friday closed shellfish growing waters in Mobile County due to possible bacteriological contamination of the oyster beds after recent rainfall. Areas I and II are closed. This includes Cedar Point, Portersville Bay, Heron Bay, and Dauphin Island Bay.

The order was issued by State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris on Friday to close harvesting.

The Alabama Department of Public Health will continue to monitor bay waters and the shellfish. Harvesting can be resumed as soon as areas meet acceptable bacteriological criteria.

Shellfish are edible oysters, clams, or mussels. Of these, oysters are the most fished for shellfish in Mobile Bay and off the Alabama coast.

Authorities will close the shellfish harvest when “A survey indicates that sampling results indicate fecal material, pathogenic microorganisms, or poisonous or deleterious substances are consistently or unpredictably present in dangerous concentrations, or the shoreline survey identifies actual or potential pollution sources of high magnitude which may affect the growing area.”

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