New Auburn head football coach Hugh Freeze was a guest on Saturday's broadcast of "College Gameday" on ESPN.

In the interview, Freeze discussed his past transgressions as head coach at Ole Miss and touted Auburn's football facilities and the city itself.

The coach explained that he had learned from his "failures" and would be "transparent" with his players.

"Well, obviously, you know, I think the best learning tool in life is probably when you didn't get things right, and you had any type of failures," Freeze outlined. "And if you handle them the right way with integrity and owning it and making the necessary changes and then playing the next play. And I think over the last seven years that's what it's led to for me is just really ... being a guy that wants to lead a passionate, disciplined life, that has faith, family, and friends as the forefront."

"I think that translates to the team and with a coach that is very transparent in saying, 'Let me tell you when coach got it right; let me tell you when he got it wrong.' And I really liked it a lot better when I got it right, which has been most of my life," he added. "But obviously, the other times were ones that we probably learned the most from."

Freeze also touched on why he chose Auburn. He noted the new football-only facility, name, image, and likeness money available, and how "special" of a place Auburn is.

"Truthfully, you know, Auburn is a special place," he emphasized. "And I think ... it is a place that our family has - Jill, Reagan, Jordan and Madison and their husbands now - not Madison but the other two - we've always felt like every time that we go to that place, we just feel like we will fit here. And we had that feeling all along."

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