NASA's scheduled Monday morning launch of the Artemis I super heavy-lift rocket from Kennedy Space Center has been delayed because of a reported fuel leak.

Fueling of nearly 1 million gallons of super-cold hydrogen and oxygen was initially stopped and started because of a leak that had already been delayed an hour because of thunderstorms off the Florida coast.

The leak of highly explosive hydrogen appeared in the same place that saw seepage during a dress rehearsal back in the spring.

The next attempt to launch Artemis I would not be possible until Friday at the earliest.

The so-called mega Moon rocket will launch the Orion uncrewed spacecraft to the Moon and back to Earth. The mission will last six weeks.

Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville developed the rocket and Boeing was the prime contractor for the design and production.

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Artemis I will eventually take humans back to the Moon. NASA also plans to use the rocket for the first human trip to Mars.

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