When Monroe County GOP Chairman Rebekah Cornelison decided to hold the first-ever Republican rally in the historic town of Monroeville, she had no idea how many voters or candidates would show up.

But once 800 tickets were pre-sold for a barbecue dinner at the event, the rally was sure to be a success. More than a dozen state and local candidates shared a meal with voters during a “meet and greet” that lasted an hour, followed by five-minute speeches on the outdoor set of the annual “To Kill a Mockingbird” play in the shadow of the county courthouse.

Congressman Mo Brooks, the only US Senate candidate to attend, delivered the most passionate speech of the evening, citing his strong conservative record in the House of Representatives. He highlighted his experience, warning that electing someone new to a political office is risky.

“I’m the only conservative candidate in the race," Brooks said. "No one else in this race has held public office. Now is not the time to take a chance on an unproven product.” Brooks added that moving from the House to the Senate will not change the way he votes. “Look at my record. I’m going to do the same thing in the Senate.”

Gubernatorial candidate Dean Odle slammed Gov. Kay Ivey for her COVID-19 shutdowns, especially those affecting businesses and churches. “When it comes to matters of life and death, you cannot have leaders who are either ignorant or don’t care," Odle said. 

State Auditor Candidate Stan Cooke simply told the crowd the only way to fix things is to vote Republican, saying “Our government takes on the nature of the people you elect. Everything that is right with the Republican Party will solve everything that is wrong in Alabama.”

Attorney General Steve Marshall, running for re-election, talked about political overreach when it comes to mandates. “Joe Biden sees himself as a king and not a President.”

Supreme Court Candidate Debra Jones discussed the rising crime in the United States. “There are bad people… we need strong laws so we can put them away for a very long time.”

Secretary of State candidate Jim Ziegler talked about the importance of fair elections. “I will serve as a watchman for election integrity.” He got the biggest laugh of the night, after telling the crowd he had been endorsed by “My Pillow guy” Mike Lindell. “This race is gonna be a pillow fight.”

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