An election challenge is underway for the Conecuh County Sheriff's race after the Republican candidate requested himself be made the winner.

Mike Blackmon, the Republican candidate for sheriff of Conecuh County, has officially filed an election contest for the November 8 election.

The race was a nail-biter from the beginning, with the result swinging on one vote the day after polls closed. The vote was declared a tie between Blackmon and Democratic candidate Randy Brock when the election was certified on November 15

After a constitutionally required re-count on November 18, five additional votes were discovered for Brock, resulting in the canvassing board of Conecuh County declaring him the winner.

Blackmon, an inspector with the Alabama Department of Transportation and a county constable, filed the challenge asking that he be declared the rightful winner of the race after an investigation by his attorneys.

"New information continues to come in every day from the voters of Conecuh County, giving us a strong belief that after the case is heard, it will be clear that Blackmon should have been declared the winner and rightfully installed as sheriff of Conecuh County," said Blackmon's attorney,  

Alabama Republican Party chairman John Wahl and the party's steering committee have pledged support and all available resources to the challenge to "ensure the integrity of this election."

"There are multiple questions about this election, as well as the following re-count," Wahl said in a statement. "It's incredibly important to the Republican Party that every voter has a voice and that the will of the people is done. We are committed to making sure that any issues or inconsistencies are identified and corrected, wherever that leads."

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