MOBILE — Alabama Republican Party chairman John Wahl told the Mobile County Republican Party Monday that the 2024 election was "far deeper than politics."

Speaking to the 100-strong elected members of the Mobile County Republican Executive Committee, Wahl called this year's election "freedom versus slavery."

In addition to being the state GOP head, Wahl is also the Southern Regional Vice-Chair of the Republican National Committee. 

Early in his speech, Wahl invoked President Ronald Reagan's Farewell Address: "Are we doing a good enough job teaching our children what America is and what she represents in the long history of the world?"

Wahl used that theme to "put the battle in context."

"America is a Christian nation. Biden and the Democrats are waging war on our faith."

Wahl was again critical of Biden's proclamation issued from the White House on Good Friday that proclaimed Easter Sunday as "Transgender Visibility Day."

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Wahl cited as a vital concern "8 million illegals, bringing fentanyl and crime." He said the Biden administration "is not just letting the illegals in but encouraging them."

Wahl said that Joe Biden and the Democrats are running on just three issues: Abortion, January 6 and global warming.

Wahl quoted a line from former Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, who recently spoke to the Alabama Republican Party Dinner in Birmingham. Conway had said, "A Democrat wakes up in the morning thinking, 'This is January 6.' Then goes and gets an abortion. And then comes home to complain about other people using heating and air conditioning that is causing global warming."

Wahl said that carbon dioxide is not an enemy. He said the real enemy is toxic chemicals put into our air by China. "You have never heard a Democrat talk about that."

Wahl is, by profession, a butterfly farmer. He said he knows what affects animals and the environment, and it is not carbon dioxide or global warming.

Wahl wrapped up his campaign analysis by saying, "We win if we will be bold in saying that our values are better for America."

He went on to update state issues. He said the Republican Party achieved big wins on school choice, curriculum transparency and appropriate library books.

He said our battle is not against teachers. He said much of the information he gets about the public school system comes from teachers. "More and more teachers are Republicans and conservatives. They know what is going on, and they let us know."

Wahl was appointed a member of the state library board. He said the controversy over sexually explicit material in children's libraries has been "heated" but that it is pretty simple.

"We are not banning books. We want taxpayers to stop paying for sexually explicit books for children's sections of libraries."

Wahl said the election in Alabama's newly drawn Congressional District 2 is vital here and nationally. 

"The new District 2 was designed by the federal court to become a Democrat district. We can prevent that. In the March 5 primary, there were only 160 more Democrat votes cast than Republicans."

"Because of the three-vote margin by which Republicans control the U.S. House, it is vital that we win Alabama District 2."

Jim' Zig' Zeigler writes about Alabama's people, places, events, groups and prominent deaths. He is a former Alabama Public Service Commissioner and State Auditor. You can reach him for comments at

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