The Home Builders Licensure Board warns homeowners against repair fraud after storms and tornadoes recently damaged homes in parts of Alabama.

Anyone building or remodeling must have a state license for jobs over $10,000. However, the Home Builders Licensure Board suggests seeking licensed homebuilders even if the work is less.

For roofers, licenses are required for jobs over $2,500.

“Do your homework,” said J.R. “Chip” Carden of the Home Builders Licensure Board. “Call any references the builder gives you and check with the Board to confirm if a builder is licensed and in good standing. Don’t be in a rush. A bad decision now can make a difficult situation even worse.”

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Always get quotes and contracts in writing, Carden added.

Those hiring builders can ask to see their licenses. You can also check on licensure status by calling 1-800-304-0853 or visiting

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