MONTGOMERY — On Wednesday, the Alabama House of Representatives approved a bill allowing tax credits for people who donate to certain pregnancy resource centers.

Sponsored by State Rep. Jamie Kiel (R-Russellville), House Bill 208 (HB208), also called the Pregnancy Resource Act, seeks to offer state tax credits to individuals and businesses that make voluntary cash contributions to an eligible pregnancy center or residential maternity facility.

Pregnancy centers and maternal facilities offer services to pregnant mothers who lack traditional resources. The centers typically serve low-income mothers or those without an adequate support system. The centers provide financial assistance and birth education and operate as a clinic, performing ultrasounds and more.

The centers are not-for-profit operations that function off donations from individuals and businesses.

HB208 would require eligible organizations to provide the Department of Revenue with a written statement, under penalty of perjury, that it meets specific criteria.

Some Democratic lawmakers took the chance to bemoan the lack of Medicaid expansion. Others used debate time to explain their displeasure with Alabama's existing abortion laws.

State Rep. Barbara Drummond (D-Mobile) scolded Kiel for bringing a pregnancy bill while being a man.

"I am so tired of every time that I look around, when it's something to deal with a female, it's always a male that's carrying that bill. We are strong women in this body, but yet you stand here with the bill that deals with pregnancy. I don't care, you may have three, but you certainly did not carry three in your womb. You have made it, but you did not carry it."

Despite the lengthy Democratic debate, the bill passed 76-26 and will now go to the Senate for deliberation.

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