Hugh Freeze was introduced as Auburn's head football coach during a Tuesday press conference.

The former Liberty and Ole Miss coach opened up his press conference emphasizing the importance of retaining Carnell "Cadillac" Williams, who led the Auburn Tigers as interim head coach in their final four games. Williams earned the new role of associate head coach in addition to his running back coaching duties.

"I knew my first priority was I have to have Cadillac by my side to drive the culture of Auburn football," Freeze outlined. "I went to bed feeling really good last night knowing that Cadillac is going to be our associate head coach and running backs coach."

Freeze thanked Liberty for giving him another opportunity after running into trouble leading the Ole Miss program and got choked up in praising his family for being "rockstars." He went on to stress the importance of family.

He closed his opening remarks by saying, "I believe in Auburn and love it."

During the question and answer period, Freeze was asked about the backlash he received from some of the Auburn fanbase over his past.

"Please give me a chance to earn your trust," Freeze pleaded with fans. "Please get to know us and learn the truth of our story. That's all you can ask, 'Man, give us a chance.'"

"Take the time to get to know us," he added.

Freeze has his work cut out for him to reshape the roster and acknowledged that he will do so via the transfer portal and with the help of name, image and likeness.

The full press conference can be viewed here.

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