During a Monday interview at the Monday Morning Quarterback Club in Birmingham, Auburn head football coach Hugh Freeze seemingly let out some potential big news.

Freeze, coming off a tough seven-point loss to the No. 1 Georgia Bulldogs, said he was going to "miss playing Georgia every year." The comments come ahead of the SEC's upcoming expansion to 16 teams with the addition of Texas and Oklahoma in 2024, which will drastically change the structure of schedules like the loss of permanent rivals.

"[I] mean, the game has changed," Freeze said. "And I don't know that we coaches have the power to do anything to slow the changes down, and obviously the conference realignment has happened within our conference, and I'm pretty confident that that the SEC is pretty solid on where we are, and I think they'll enjoy the new rivalries when they get to see Texas and Oklahoma, and among the great rivalries that we already have in our conference, and you know there'll be some ... I'll miss playing Georgia every year because I just got to experience it for my first time."

"You know, I loved every minute of it, other than the outcome," he added.

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