During a Monday interview with Daily Wire's "Crain & Company," Auburn head football coach Hugh Freeze sounded off about his new job on the Plains.

Freeze said his short time in Auburn putting together a recruiting class and hitting the transfer portal has been "a whirlwind probably unlike any that I've experienced." He added that it was "hard" to leave Liberty, but he knew Auburn was a perfect "fit" for him and his family.

"Truthfully, it would've been hard to leave [Liberty] for really almost any place, but Jill and I kind of had three places in mind that if they came calling and we had an opportunity to go down that road, we at least had to go down the road, and the top of that list was Auburn," Freeze outlined.

"[W]e've always felt like we fit in this community with who the Auburn family really is," he continued. "And obviously, it still didn't make it extremely easy because we were comfortable, but comfort can be your enemy. And I think we could've sat there and won a lot of games and done a lot of great things, but ... I think some of us have this drive to test ourselves."

The coach was asked what he loved so far about being at Auburn.

"The one thing probably is the Auburn family is just neat," Freeze replied. "The love that Jill and I - and the acceptance - that we and our children - and that's another thing: all my family is together again, which family to me is everything at this point in my life."

He added, "I think it's the feel of the Auburn family and the excitement ... of taking on another rebuild, which that motivates me greatly. It's like, you know, you lose Malik Willis, and everybody's like, 'You can't do it again.' That motivates the heck out of me to hear, and then we go and beat BYU and Arkansas without him last year, so it's sort of like that. I guess it's just that I've got this new little ... drive to say, 'Bring it. Let's get this thing going and see if we can't do it.' So, those two things probably are the two I've loved the most feeling."

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