According to parents, the Huntsville teacher who came under fire for drag queen performances outside of school is back teaching after two weeks.

In mid-October, Libs of TikTok revealed that James Miller, a Mountain Gap Middle School teacher, has long been moonlighting as a drag queen.

Dressed in his persona of Madge D. Vine (Majesty Divine), Miller was shown on video reading a children's book at a dog rescue where children were present, making quips that some found inappropriate.

In the videos posted to the Madge D Vine Facebook page, Miller can be heard commenting that "everybody likes a big bone," also saying all men "have meat on their mind."

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Angela McClure, a Huntsville resident who recently lost a bid for Huntsville Board of Education (BOE), took to Facebook to share the news that Miller had returned to work at Mountain Gap.

"The Drag Queen teacher Mr. James Miller is back at Mountain Gap Middle school teaching after a nice paid two-week vacation," McClure said. "This school board has no backbone whatsoever. If I had been elected, at least the conservative community would have had a voice on situations like this, but now because the board is all liberal, we will never know what happened to give rise to this result. Unbelievable."

Another Huntsville parent also confirmed that Miller had returned to his classroom.

The school superintendent is in charge of handling any formal complaints against a teacher, not the BOE.  

The Huntsville BOE has not responded to inquiries from 1819 News, so it is yet unclear if Miller violated any official rules with his activity outside the classroom.

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