Secretary of State candidate Christian “Chris” Horn spoke to the St. Clair County Young Republicans (YR) recently about his campaign.

“I love this country,” Horn said, “I love Alabama. I am a fifth-generation Alabamian. I am running for Secretary of State.

“I was hurt that our President (Donald Trump) had an election that was absolutely stolen from the people of Alabama. I woke up the morning after the election convinced that Donald Trump had won the election. I was absolutely heartbroken and upset."

Horn said he was "so glad that [former] Coach Tuberville had won, but he barely beat Doug Jones in Madison County. That tells you that Alabama is changing.

“Alabama history is American history,” Horn continued. “You don’t get to take down our history just because you move to Alabama.

“We do pretty good in our elections in Alabama,” Horn said.

Horn said that Alabamians need to be vigilant lest Alabama goes the path of Georgia, which Joe Biden narrowly won and which elected two Democratic Senators and where Stacy Abrams has raised $60 million for her campaign.

“I believe that Alabama needs a fresh face,” Horn said. “I am a product of the Clotilda slave ship. My family, they picked cotton. My grandfather went to Jefferson County and dug coal, and then moved to Moody.

“Alabama is not a racist state. America is not a racist state.

“I got my first job at Redstone Arsenal,” Horn said. “My father served in the Army and had an opportunity to serve in Germany so growing up, I lived there.”

Horn promised to defend Alabama's voting laws and election integrity.

“They say we are crazy because we say the election was stolen,” Horn said. "But when Stacy Abrams and Hillary Clinton lost their elections, they both said that the elections were stolen and the media did not call them and their supporters crazy, so why is it that you hang your head or turn flush when they talk about Jan. 6?”

Horn was recruited to play football after graduating from Johnson High in Huntsville. He played fullback and on special teams and was part of two Big 10 conference championships. He said he went to Michigan after getting a recruiting letter from former President Gerald Ford (R), a Michigan alum.

Horn said that he was active in the Young Republicans when he was a college student.

One of Horn’s opponents, Ed Packard, was also in the room that night.

“I can remember when Ed was a candidate for the Democratic Party for Secretary of State,” Horn said. “I am glad that he has joined us now in the Republican Party.

“In Michigan, they sent out millions of mail-in ballots,” Horn said of the 2020 election. “Some people don’t even want us to not even have voter ID.

“Some 600,000 people are voting in New York State that are not American citizens.

“I am in this race because I love y’all."

Horn said that he is concerned about the next generation.

“We better leave them with a hope and faith and a will to dare to defend our rights,” Horn said. “God is always with us.

“Mask mandates have made us scared. Critical Race Theory is designed to divide us. My mom started her own small private school and she taught critical faith theory over critical race theory.

“It is about all of us. It is about the team. This Republican team will ride again.

“I dare defend your rights."

Logan Glass is the Chairman of the St. Clair County Young Republicans. He thanked Horn for being there and announced that the St. Clair County YRs were awarded YR Club of the year for 2021 and that he was chosen as the YR man of the year.

“Jeff Sessions, he presented the awards, told me that Republican primaries go through St. Clair County,” Glass said. “The next meeting will be Feb 24, at 6 p.m. Judge Bill Weathington and Rep. Jim Hill will be the speakers.”

The Republican primary field for Secretary of State includes State Rep. Wes Allen, Horn, Packard, and State Auditor Jim Zeigler.

The Republican primary is May 24.

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