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Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen says ERIC headquarters doesn’t exist in location given on website

After over a year of questioning the integrity and purpose of the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), the new Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen went a step further after pulling Alabama from the center and went to the physical address ERIC gave for its headquarters. What he found was virtually nothing.

Hugh Evans Alabama News
Veteran attorney and public servant Hugh Evans dies

Secretary of State John Merrill announced the passing of Hugh R. Evans, III. Evans passed away on Thursday, November 17, with over 25 years of public service as a well-respected attorney.

John Merrill 2 Alabama News
Secretary of State Merrill: Turnout on track to reach projections, Election Day running smoothly overall

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill said Tuesday afternoon that the state is on track for 44% to 45% of registered voters to vote in the midterm elections by the end of the day.

Facebook logo black Alabama News
Facebook targets certain Alabamians for voter registration

With the midterm elections less than a month away, Facebook has been pushing voting information to the top of social media feeds across Alabama. However, not everyone has been getting these notifications, and state election officials have not been told who Facebook targets.

Rep. Chris England Alabama News
Alabama Democratic Party faces cash crisis

The Alabama Democratic Party reportedly has less than $200,000 in cash on hand going into the Nov. 8 general election.

Merrill66 Alabama News
Etowah County registrars resign over election issues

On Thursday, Alabama Secretary of State John H. Merrill (R) published a column in which he stated that the Board of Registrars in the state with “The most egregious dereliction of duties” were asked to resign and they did.

Jim Zeigler Alabama News
Alabama Republican Assembly endorses Zeigler for Secretary of State

"Jim Zeigler has been a conservative leader in our state, and the Alabama Republican Assembly recognizes his commitment to good government with our endorsement to be the next Secretary of State," Republican Assembly President Don Wallace said.

Jim Zeigler and Wes Allen Alabama News
GOP Secretary of State candidates debate in Gardendale

Jim Zeigler and Wes Allen both argued that they were the most qualified persons to serve as Alabama Secretary of State. The two are candidates in the June 21 Republican primary runoff for the office. Both emphasized the importance of election integrity.

John Merrill Alabama News
Merrill says he is working to improve election integrity, but there is more to the office than that

Since the 2020 election, the office of Secretary of State has been elevated in the public eye as the office responsible for ‘’free and fair” elections, including certification of results.

Jim Zeigler speakring 2 Alabama News
Zeigler to speak in Opelika

Jim Zeigler is promising to be a "watchman" on voting integrity if elected as Alabama Secretary of State. Zeigler faces Wes Allen in the Republican primary runoff.

State capital photo Alabama News
Zeigler and Allen are in the Republican runoff for Secretary of State

Jim Zeigler and Wes Allen will face off in the Republican primary runoff on June 21.

Secretary of State candidates Alabama News
VIDEO: Secretary of State candidates meet in forum, talk election integrity

All four Republican candidates for Secretary of State met Monday night at the O’Neal Public Library in Mountain Brook to talk to the Eagle Forum about their qualifications and the integrity of Alabama elections.

State Auditor Jim Zeigler Fuentitech com Alabama News
Jim Zeigler is endorsed by ‘America First Secretary of State Coalition’

On Sunday, the Jim Zeigler campaign announced that a national group backing candidates for Secretary of State in 14 states, America First Secretary of State Coalition, has endorsed Jim Zeigler in Alabama’s Secretary of State race.

File 3498d1c0 6d50 4616 84a8 acc5a6343dfc Alabama News
State Senator sponsors bill to limit Alabama farm and timberland ownership to Americans

The Alabama Legislature is considering a measure that would ban foreign ownership of Alabama’s farm and timberland to American citizens...

File 13620227 4408 44b1 a30b ed1005b3eec7 Alabama News
Secretary of State candidate supports outlawing internet to voting machines

Ed Packard announces support for legislation to outlaw connecting voting machines to internet Republican Secretary of State candidate...

File ec5788f5 168b 4159 8c78 51966bb08b14 Alabama News
'I dare defend your rights': Chris Horn campaigns for Secretary of State

Secretary of State candidate Christian “Chris” Horn spoke to the St. Clair County Young Republicans (YR) recently about his campaign....

File 0bc7a73e a576 498c 9827 3aff74ba9053 Alabama News
Zeigler qualifies for Secretary of State race

On Thursday, State Auditor Jim Zeigler (R) was at Republican headquarters in Hoover to qualify for Secretary of State. Zeigler told...

File d39bd501 8aab 44e6 86c7 60724a5e6ffd Alabama News
No-go for Zeigler: Not running for governor after months of campaigning

State Auditor Jim Zeigler (R) said on Sunday that he will not run for Governor in the 2022 election. Zeigler said that he based the...

File b4a506c3 479d 427e 9302 7e8ffd92a459 Alabama News
Candidates for Senate, Auditor and Secretary of State address Republican Party group

The St. Clair County Courthouse was packed Thursday for the St. Clair County Republican Party meeting, where three candidates showed...

File 9ad31adc d0e1 4239 895c 135bacafc3c3 Alabama News
Conservative Republican judge announces run for Secretary of State

There are several top positions up for grabs in Alabama in the 2022 election. There will be a governor race, a Senate race and a Secretary...

File 1dc2e9cd b240 414b 8262 5ae24ab2a198 Alabama News
Incumbents lead in fundraising for State Senate races

Alabama Senate incumbents had a good year in 2021 in the campaign fundraising category. The Alabama Secretary of State’s office released...

File 4e04f5df 13ba 4af8 a9ed 0c5bda45c4fc Alabama News
Ed Packard Qualifies with the Alabama Republican Party

Longtime employee of the Alabama Secretary of State's office, Ed Packard, qualified with the Alabama Republican Party to run for the...

File 31752ee0 0852 4a73 a333 651f77a957a0 Alabama News
10 political races to watch in 2022

Tomorrow is a new year. Each new year is filled with its own challenges and opportunities. 2022 is particularly interesting because...

File a61f9457 d2e0 4e11 b4b8 9505140380dc Alabama News
Today is the last day of 2021 to make a political contribution

Money is the life blood of politics. In today’s world everyone watches a different television channel, follows different podcasts and...

File cea93497 d604 4ec1 bc74 67d8804787cc Alabama News
Former Alabama Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy Worley has died

Former Alabama Secretary of State Nancy Worley (D) died on Wednesday, Dec. 30. Worley was also the first woman to serve as the Alabama...

File ddb5a8cf fe73 434e b9d6 7a6dbbe32ec3 Alabama News
Longtime election official puts name in hat for Secretary of State

Ed Packard, a longtime election official, announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Alabama Secretary of State. Packard...

File f1b735d5 50c5 4d1b 8edb 6ef465b8d753 Alabama News
Secretary of State Merrill and Mobile ID Unit visited all 67 counties this year

By Brandon Moseley This week, Secretary of State John H. Merrill (R) announced that he has concluded his annual tour of all 67 of Alabama’s...

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