Last week, the Alabama House Republican Caucus chose State Rep. Scott Stadthagen (R-Hartselle) as the next Majority Leader.

Stadthagen, who just won his first-ever reelection campaign in the midterm election, took the reins from State Rep. Nathaniel Ledbetter (R-Rainsville), who was chosen by the caucus to serve as the next Speaker of the House.

In a statement, Stadthagen said he would begin his tenure as caucus leader by ushering in the 26 new Republican members elected to the House of Representatives.

“I have had the opportunity to speak with each of the newly elected members, and I am excited by the new ideas they bring to the table,” Stadthagen said. “There is value in bringing fresh sets of eyes with new suggestions for policy into our caucus. I am excited about it.

“…The men and women who are returning to serve the people of our state in the Alabama Legislature after being re-elected are returning with the knowledge that the people of their districts voted overwhelmingly to re-elect them. Having that vote of confidence from the constituents that you work so hard to serve is a big motivator. We will not forget the faith that the people of Alabama have put in us. They are counting on the Republican caucus. We won’t let them down.”

Stadthagen concluded by promising to keep an open line of communication with members of the caucus, both freshman and seasoned.

“I am committed to staying in close contact with all of the caucus members to be as helpful as possible,” Stadthagen concluded. “That is the role I was elected to do and I take it very seriously. I want to help make this quadrennium as productive as possible for every legislator and for the people of the State of Alabama.”

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