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Scott Stadthagen Alabama News
Alabama legislators rally to defeat Mississippi counterparts in 10-inning charity softball game

Despite jumping out to a four-run lead in the first inning, an Alabama squad of lawmakers had to rally late to defeat a team of members from the Mississippi Legislure in a charity softball game on Saturday.

Andy Whitt. Alabama News
State Rep. Whitt blames Senate for gambling failure — 'The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance'

State Rep. Andy Whitt (R-Harvest) recently spoke on the legislature’s failure to advance a comprehensive gambling package, expressing disappointment at the Senate for the legislation’s eventual stalling in the upper chamber.

Chris Blackshear Alabama News
State Rep. Blackshear puts failed gambling package on Senate – 'Ask one of the 15 senators that voted against this legislation'

State Rep. Chris Blackshear (R-Phenix City) is not shying away from blaming the Senate for its inability to advance multiple iterations of the comprehensive gambling package during the legislative session.

Juandalynn Givan Alabama News
State Rep. Givan blames Senate for Juneteenth bill failure – 'Rodger Smitherman went to the Pro-Tem and had him hold the bill in the basket'

State Rep. Juandalynn Givan (D-Birmingham) blames Senate leadership, specifically State Sen. Rodger Smitherman (D-Birmingham), for blocking her legislation making Juneteenth a state holiday.

Spanish Fort Eastern Shore Centre District Alabama News
Legislature approves expansion of Spanish Fort District despite 'overblown' political drama

The city of Spanish Fort has two districts, and thanks to legislation passed this session, one of them will expand.

Nathaniel Ledbetter. Alabama News
House Speaker Ledbetter not interested in pursuing gambling next year – 'We gave it every effort we can'

After a bitter and contentious battle in the legislature over a proposed gambling package that ultimately died in the Senate, House leadership has no interest in pursuing the issue in the next session. 

Hallmark Farm Alabama News
House members block Alabama Farm Center legislation in possible retribution for gambling constitutional amendment failing in Senate last week

Legislation creating a corporation governing the Alabama Farm Center project in Jefferson County stalled on Tuesday after it didn’t receive enough support from House members on a conference committee. 

library books, banned books Alabama News
Proponents make final push for library obscenity bill — 'We are so close to having a law that holds our libraries accountable'

Advocates against sexually explicit library books are making a last push for the final passage of a bill removing school and public library obscenity exceptions in the final days of the legislative session.

Hindu Prayer 2 Alabama News
ALCAP's Davis: House's Hindu prayer to open legislative day on National Day of Prayer 'odd,' 'disturbing'

During Thursday's broadcast of "Priority Talk" on Birmingham radio's Truth 101.1 WXJC, host Greg Davis weighed in on the Alabama House of Representatives electing to kick off National Day of Prayer with a Hindu prayer rather than a traditional Christian prayer.

joe biden Alabama News
Biden on the Ballot: Ivey signs bill ensuring President’s Alabama ballot access

A bill ensuring that President Joe Biden will appear on Alabama’s November presidential ballot has been signed into law by Gov. Kay Ivey.

Gambling roulette Photo by Adi Coco unsplash com Alabama News
Senate unlikely to vote again on gambling, lottery constitutional amendment on Thursday

The Alabama Senate likely won’t vote on a gambling and lottery constitutional amendment on Thursday.

Hindu Prayer Alabama News
Alabama House of Representatives kicks off National Day of Prayer with Hindu prayer and scripture recitation, which was cut short, according to Hindu statesman

The Alabama House of Representatives began its legislative day on the National Day of Prayer with a Hindu prayer, followed by similar displays from lawmakers from various Christian denominations.

House Vote Alabama News
See which lawmakers flipped their vote on controversial gambling legislation

A handful of changed votes between House and Senate lawmakers have again put both bodies in contention after contradictory votes on proposed gambling legislation late Tuesday night.

Alabama political news slot machine Alabama News
Conference committee reaches breakthrough on lottery, gambling bills — Entire House of Representatives 'likely' to vote on final legislation later today

Six members of a House, Senate conference committee passed legislation creating a lottery and legalizing electronic gambling machines at seven locations across Alabama on Tuesday.

child vaccine Alabama News
House passes bill requiring parental consent for all vaccinations — 'I absolutely want to be notified of something like this involving my children'

The Alabama House of Representatives passed legislation on Thursday to require parental consent for minors to receive any vaccinations.

Gov. Kay Ivey. Alabama News
Anti-squatting bill heads to Ivey's desk for a signature

After the House of Representatives voted to concur with Senate changes, a bill givng property owners and law enforcement tools to deal with squatters is heading to Gov. Kay Ivey’s desk for her signature.

United Auto Workers members attend a rally in Detroit, Friday, Sept. 15, 2023. The UAW is conducting a strike against Ford, Stellantis and General Motors. ( Alabama News
Senate elects to go to conference committee on bill clawing back incentives from businesses who voluntarily recognize employee unions

The Alabama Senate voted to go to a conference committee Thursday on legislation to claw back economic incentives from employers that recognize a labor union selected without using secret ballots.

Juandalynn Givan Alabama News
House passes repeal of Birmingham-Southern-inspired loan program

The Alabama House of Representatives passed legislation on Thursday to repeal the 2023 law creating a loan program for universities in financial straits after its designed recipient, Birmingham-Southern College, permanently shut down.

Gender Identity Alabama News
House to consider bill banning discussion, instruction on gender identity, sexual orientation in public K-12 schools

The Alabama House of Representatives is scheduled on Tuesday to consider legislation that would prohibit instruction of gender identity or sexual orientation in public K-12 schools.

Alabama workforce Alabama News
Innovation district bills likely dead as legislative session winds down

The controversial series of innovation district bills, a late addition to Alabama leadership’s “Working for Alabama” workforce package, are likely dead in the legislature after lawmakers raged against the proposal.

immigration, border Alabama News
House committee delays vote on Laken Riley Act for the second week in a row

The House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee voted Wednesday to once again delay voting on legislation that would bolster local law enforcement’s ability to work with federal agencies to enforce immigration laws.

Prison Alabama News
Paul DeMarco: Alabama Legislature must reject efforts to release violent felons from state prisons

A recent tragic murder in Chicago should raise red flags right here in Alabama. 

polygraph Alabama News
Bill allowing polygraphs as part of sex offender treatment program filed in House — 'We are looking out for these kids to keep them safe from predators'

A bill that would allow periodic polygraphs as part of a sex offender treatment has been filed in the Alabama House of Representatives.  

Boy. Girl. Gender. Alabama News
Alabama House passes legislation to codify male, female definitions in state law

The Alabama House of Representatives passed legislation on Thursday codifying definitions of Male and female into Alabama law, which included an attempted amendment to address recent controversy surrounding Huntsville’s U.S. Space and Rocket Center’s Space Camp.

Alabama political news sports betting 2 Alabama News
Stephanie Holden Smith: Sports betting is a bad bet for college athletes and fans

Multiple states that have legalized sports betting are now curtailing or regretting it due to the mental health consequences for adolescent men.

State Rep. Ernie Yarbrough Alabama News
House committee delays vote on Laken Riley Act; Bill moved to subcommittee

The House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee voted Wednesday to delay voting on legislation that would bolster local law enforcement’s ability to work with federal agencies to enforce immigration laws.

Alabama House Alabama News
House votes to non-concur on Senate gambling changes — 'More than 14 months went into crafting this package'

The Alabama House of Representatives voted on Thursday to non-concur with changes made to the two comprehensive gambling bills after the Senate substantially changed both pieces of legislation.

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