MONTGOMERY – The Alabama Senate likely won't vote on a gambling and lottery constitutional amendment on Thursday.

The Senate vote failed by a 20-15 margin in a late-night vote on Tuesday after the House passed the constitutional amendment earlier on Tuesday night. It needed 21 votes to pass due to constitutional amendments requiring a 60% threshold in each chamber. However, a vote on the amendment could be called again in the Senate since a majority of members voted in favor of adopting the conference report passed by a committee on Tuesday.

Multiple senators said another vote on the proposal in the Senate on Thursday was unlikely.

"I think our focus today is going to be on budgets and trying to get that done," State Sen. Greg Albritton (R-Atmore) told reporters on Thursday morning.

Albritton, who voted against the constitutional amendment on Tuesday, said he wouldn't change his position if the proposal is brought up again.

"That bill hasn’t changed. My concerns as I’ve explained have not changed and can not change within the process we’re in," Albritton said.

The Senate so far has spent most of its time on Thursday debating bills related to the state's Education Trust Fund budget.

If the Senate does not pass the Constitutional Amendment on Thursday, it could be brought back up on any of the remaining three legislative days this session. The issue likely won't come back up again this session unless one of the "no" votes in the Senate on Tuesday flips to a "yes" vote on the constitutional amendment.

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