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Reed Alabama News
State Senate Pro-Tem Reed says attempts to modify 2019 abortion ban could face state constitutional hurdles

Should the legislature seek to modify Alabama's existing abortion laws, there could be state constitutional hurdles to overcome, says State Senate President Pro-Tem Greg Reed (R-Jasper).

Johnston Alabama News
Alabama abortion ban architect Eric Johnston rejects calls to add exceptions for rape, incest

Eric Johnston, who as of 2019 had drafted more than 12 anti-abortion laws for the state, told Rightside Radio host and Alabama Policy Institute senior fellow Phil Williams that suggestions from legislators to possibly add exceptions to the 2019 abortion ban were not intended to be a part of the law he drafted.

File 9da89052 d2b5 4d55 a1a8 a116b40b2dca Alabama News
Wiretapping bill fails in Senate

A wiretapping bill failed to pass the Senate this week with a tie vote of 13 to 13.   Senate Bill 26, sponsored by Tom Butler (R –...

File 6f73c023 8f5a 4e3f 8c3c bd84f6de08dd Alabama News
School choice substitute expected in the Senate

A substitution is in the works for the school choice bill in the Alabama legislature.   Rep. Charlotte Meadows and Sen. Del Marsh introduced...

File 764a6c06 bc07 4514 a901 56ac3efc5f73 Alabama News
Alabama Farmers Federation announces another round of legislative endorsements

The Alabama Farmers Federation has announced more legislative endorsements. Alabama has 105 members of the Alabama House of Representatives...

File 3ae8c40e d3ca 4931 8bd4 5d8cd685ae8a Alabama News
Bill to allow wiretapping by Alabama agencies passes committee

A bill that would allow some wiretapping in certain criminal cases passed the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.    Rep. Rex Reynolds...

File ad8f6fb2 944b 4069 bcfd 632763ec4da7 Alabama News
School choice bill presented to legislature

A school choice bill is being presented before the Alabama legislature. Rep. Charlotte Meadows and Sen. Del Marsh have teamed together...

File 9ff47413 8b78 46fc 8a6f 000ba60fcebc Alabama News
Over 40 legislative seats contested in Alabama so far

Qualifying to run in either major party primary will close on Friday, at 5 p.m. All 140 seats in the Alabama Legislature are up for...

File 28db0c17 b41e 4193 a487 70a30bdcf3c5 Alabama News
Bill filed to prohibit trains from blocking railroad crossings in Alabama

A bill was filed to prohibit trains from blocking railroad crossing on Thursday, Jan. 13. According to the Alabama Legislature, the...

File 82503c8a 1707 40a5 9775 76681872800d Alabama News
Alabama legislature launches improved website

The State of Alabama has launched its updated website for following legislators and the legislative process. With the 2022 regular...

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