Heralded as an Alabama success story, Moulton's Red Land Cotton operates under a unique set of circumstances as a vertically integrated textile company.

However, co-owners Mark Yeager and his daughter, Anna Brakefield, are feeling the sting of the inflationary pressures plaguing the U.S. economy.

During an interview that aired Monday on Newsmax TV, Brakefield explained how inflation has made it more expensive for Red Land Cotton to do business.

Those additional costs have forced her company to pass on some of those expenses to customers.

"I will say the most notable increase has been in the raw commodity price of cotton and the price of fuel to freight these goods," Brakefield explained. "I think I have mentioned before about the supply chain being broken, so we're freighting a lot of goods, and that cost has gone up. The [way] Red Land works is we're buying the cotton from Red Land Farms, which my dad started that farm in the early '80s. We had to pass that price on to our consumers.

"About February, we increased our prices, and we sent out an email saying how much we hated to do it, but we were met with a lot of people saying we understand because we're feeling it, too. We always try to be as honest, open and transparent as humanly possible, and our customers can relate. If we ever get a price break, we'll pass that on to our customers as well. But we were just at a point where we couldn't keep it up anymore without raising those prices."

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