A group of Republican lawmakers is seeking to temporarily pause the increase in the per-gallon tax on fuel brought by the 2019 Rebuild Alabama Act.

According to language in the legislation, House Bill 526 (HB526), the pause would begin on May 1 and extend through May 1, 2023, or until the per-gallon price is "at or below the average monthly price for January 2022".

The lead sponsor on the bill is State Rep. Arnold Mooney (R-Indian Springs).

Co-sponsors include State Reps. Rich Wingo (R-Tuscaloosa), Tommy Hanes (R-Bryant), Charlotte Meadows (R-Montgomery), Russell Bedsole (R-Alabaster), Ritchie Whorton (R-Owens Cross Roads), Andrew Sorrell (R-Muscle Shoals), Mike Holmes (R-Wetumpka) and Bob Fincher (R-Woodland).

According to AAA, Alabama's average gas price for regular unleaded fuel is higher than its neighbors to the east and west at $3.99 per gallon, with Mississippi's average at $3.90 per gallon and Georgia at $3.93 per gallon.

Estimates suggest a one-year suspension of the Rebuild Alabama Act tax could come with a price tag that exceeds $200 million.

Earlier this month, Gov. Kay Ivey told Mobile television NBC 15's Andrea Ramey that she did not support a state gas tax suspension, citing the state's obligations to road and bridge projects.

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