Since taking over the Alabama football program in 2007, Nick Saban has done nothing but win games and championships, but with the recent success of former Alabama assistant Kirby Smart and his Georgia Bulldogs, some think the dynasty is finally over. But not everyone.

Halfway through the 2023 season, Saban will turn 72 years old, and if there ever was a good time to doubt Nick Saban and Alabama, the time would be now.

Alabama just lost arguably the best quarterback in program history in Bryce Young, who just went No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft, as well as one of the most dominant pass rushers in program history, Will Anderson, Jr., who went No. 3 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. Along with these two well-decorated players, the Tide lost 10 key contributors to the NFL.

While Nick Saban is dealing with having to replace Young without an elite quarterback replacement in sight, Alabama also had a coaching overhaul, replacing both offensive and defensive coordinators. Replacing coordinators is nothing Saban hasn’t handled before, but it comes at a crucial time with Kirby Smart and Georgia nipping at Saban’s heels to become the new dynasty in college football. Over the offseason, Saban brought in a young offensive coordinator, Tommy Rees, and a grizzled vet in Kevin Steele to take over the defensive coordinator position.

Every year that Alabama loses top talent to the NFL and replaces coordinators, the talking heads come out claiming the Alabama dynasty and Nick Saban’s run is over, but those claims seem to always get proven wrong at the end of each season.

ESPN’s college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit doesn’t think the dynasty is over yet.

Thursday on the "Pat McAfee Show," Herbstreit was asked about Smart taking over Saban’s spot atop college football. Herbstreit’s response was not what host Pat McAfee was expecting.

“Be really careful of listening to 'Oh, David Pollack said it’s a new...’ that’s right when Alabama comes back and just throws their trump card down and whips everyone’s - I haven’t even really like dug in, I’m already leaning to Alabama to win the national championship," Herbstreit said.

He added, “Just when you f—ing say ‘Nick’s done, Alabama’s done, Kirby...’ goodbye. Here comes Alabama, they’re going to win it all."

Herbstreit even doubled down and said he would bet on Alabama right now to win the national championship.

“So if I’m betting right now, I don’t even know what it says in Vegas, I’m betting Alabama to win the national championship. At this point, it’s guaranteed. We’ll see with injuries and what happens, but do not sleep on Bama," he declared.

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