Another Alabama staple is coming to an end in 2024.

Just weeks after Nick Saban announced his retirement after a legendary career at the University of Alabama, Rick and Bubba announced their show was going to end at the end of the year after 31 years.

The "Rick & Bubba Show," which has been based in the Birmingham area since its inception in 1994, has been live in Alabama every weekday for five hours and is hosted by Rick Burgess and Bill "Bubba" Bussey.

In announcing the final year of the show, the two self-proclaimed "Sexiest Fat Men Alive" emphasized there was nothing wrong with their health or relationship.

Burgess said, "I don't know how you start it other than just saying it straight out, which is kind of the way we have always gone. We've had a lot of discussions, a lot of things, it's been an incredible 30 years, and we have decided that this will be the final year of the 'Rick and Bubba Show.'"

Bussey said the conclusion of the show was "something that we really didn't want to hear."

"We will finish out this year, and we're going to go wide open and have a great year and have a lot of flashbacks and memories and talk about the last 30 years that, by the way, you folks have made possible," he said.

"We have been very blessed," Bussey added. "You folks have been the ones who have blessed us, and we really, really appreciate it."

The two publicly thanked each other for what their lives had become as a result of starting the show.

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