Governor Kay Ivey recently appointed Amy Minton, a long-time critic of sexually explicit and age-inappropriate children’s books, to the Alabama Public Library Service (APLS).

Recent drama surrounding age-inappropriate and sexually explicit library books has reached the state level. For months, residents and lawmakers have petitioned APLS to address the issue that began sweeping the state in 2023. Since the drama began, one board member resigned due to health issues, and Ivey removed another after criticizing her and other lawmakers.  

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Last week, Ivey replaced both positions: one with the relatively unknown Deborah Windsor, and the other with Minton, who has been active in the library fight for some time.

“As one of my appointees, you will be making important decisions that directly affect the citizens of Alabama,” Ivey said in her letter to Minton. I have made honesty and integrity a priority in my Administration, and I know that you will embody these two virtues while serving the people of Alabama. Please plan to attend all meetings within reason, be a good steward of the taxpayers' money, and work in your position to instill trust in state government. The responsibility that comes with this appointment is not to be taken lightly. I trust that you will rise to the occasion and set a standard for others to follow.”

Minton is the secretary of the Etowah County GOP, which unanimously passed a resolution in November 2023 opposing inappropriate materials in public libraries.

“I am honored to be appointed by Governor Kay Ivey to the APLS board,” Minton said. As an author, avid reader and a mom of grown children who grew up frequenting school and public libraries, my ultimate goal is to do my part in helping Alabama reading scores increase and thereby provide a world available for all to explore without indoctrination of a political or Marxist agenda. I have a Master’s Degree from UAB. I have been married for 34 years and am retired as a Senior account manager with Bristol-Myers Pharmaceuticals. I currently serve on the Etowah County Library board.”

Minton provided 1819 News with a list of beliefs and priorities as she takes on her new position:

  1. “The best way to increase reading test scores is for us all to make sitting and listening to children read aloud a priority. My children were blessed to grow up with amazing teachers and librarians that encouraged daily reading before anything else.”

  1. “There are around 1 million books published annually so every library currently practices ‘selective criteria’ in their choice of annual purchases and weeding out (book sales) regularly.”

  1. “I am opposed to ‘banning books.’ I understand the history of book bans. I fully support 1st Amendment rights. If books are available to order online and at the local retail stores, they are not ‘banned books’ just because they are not shelved in a school or public library at taxpayer expense as there are around 1 million books published each year. It would be impossible to have every book in our public and school libraries. If you read or hear someone say that anyone on the APLS committee is for ‘banning books’, they are wrong.”

  1. “I do support individual library policy for age-appropriate books. I believe just like a child cannot purchase alcohol until 21 years old in Alabama, a child under age 18 should not be allowed by policy to check out a book specifically showing or describing sexual encounters, positions or sex change (gender identity, gender pronouns, transgender). If any parent wants to purchase these books or check out any of these books from an adult section for their children, that is their freedom and choice as their parent.”

  1. “Just as there are state-recognized holidays and flags, I do not support any library displays encouraging books and ideology that has not been recognized by Alabama state law.”

  1. “I support full and complete disaffiliation with the American Library Association (ALA), not just a nonrenewal of membership that can be renewed at any time. I believe that taxpayer-supported libraries should reflect Alabama values and not what is recommended by any national advocacy group.”

  1. “I completely love and have compassion for any individual who feels uncomfortable in their own bodies whether from an eating disorder or gender dysphoria. I would always welcome a private conversation with anyone on these or any topic. I am honored to be appointed to the APLS Library board to serve Alabama.”

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