MONTGOMERY — Governor Kay Ivey signed into law on Wednesday a ban on taxpayer resources from funding diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) offices and training in Alabama public universities, schools and agencies.

The bill prohibits state agencies, schools, and colleges from sponsoring or requiring students and employees to attend or participate in any diversity, equity and inclusion program, training, orientation or coursework that advocates for or requires assent to a divisive concept.

The bill would prohibit public entities from "promoting, endorsing, or requiring affirmation of certain divisive concepts relating to race, sex, or religion."

“My Administration has and will continue to value Alabama’s rich diversity, however, I refuse to allow a few bad actors on college campuses — or wherever else for that matter — to go under the acronym of DEI, using taxpayer funds, to push their liberal political movement counter to what the majority of Alabamians believe," Ivey said in a statement to 1819 News. "We have already taken action to prevent this in our K-12 classrooms, and I am pleased to sign SB129 to protect our college campuses. Supporting academic freedom, embracing diversity of cultures and backgrounds and treating people fairly are all key components of what we believe in Alabama, and I am more than confident that will continue."

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