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JSU DEI Alabama News
Jacksonville State University closes Office of Diversity and Inclusion to comply with state’s new DEI ban

Jacksonville State University will close its Office of Diversity and Inclusion next week after the state legislature banned taxpayer-funded diversity, equity, and inclusion offices and training in March.

Craig Ford Alabama News
Gadsden Mayor Craig Ford scoffs at state legislation banning DEI, says doesn't apply to city's DEI director — 'I don't give a damn about that bill'

With the passing of Senate Bill 129 prohibiting diversity, equity and inclusion programs, many state colleges and agencies are scrambling to adjust their policies before the ban goes into effect in October.

protest DEi Alabama News
Phil Williams: The DEI bloodbath

DEI still needs to DIE, and while it remains a battle in other places, I am nonetheless pleased that we are taking the high ground here in the Yellowhammer State.

Rafferty Alabama News
State Rep. Rafferty to CNN: Alabama public school gender identity, sexual orientation restrictions prohibit classroom discussion of George and Martha Washington

Legislative efforts to expand on sexual orientation and gender identity instruction in K-12 public school classrooms continue to draw the ire of Democrats mourning the death of "inclusive discussions."

naacp town hall Alabama News
Alabama NAACP condemns Ivey for signing 'racist' DEI ban — 'We will not allow slavers to strip us from learning our rich history'

The Alabama NAACP issued a statement Monday condemning Gov. Kay Ivey for signing the recent diversity, equity and inclusion ban into law.

Photo from Randall Woodfins Facebook Alabama News
Birmingham Mayor Woodfin quiet following anti-DEI passage after vowing to advise black athletes to stay out of Alabama

Despite being active on his Facebook and Instagram accounts, the mayor has remained quiet since the law's passage.

Alabama Auburn Alabama News
Reactions from University of Alabama, Auburn University suggest compliance with 'divisive concepts' ban

In the early stages of discussions about the so-called "divisive concepts" legislation, the question was raised as to whether or not the University of Alabama System and Auburn University could be compelled by an act of the Alabama Legislature to adhere to such a ban given both schools have specific language regarding their governance in the Alabama Constitution.

Kay Ivey Alabama News
Ivey signs into law ban on taxpayer-funded DEI departments

Gov. Kay Ivey signed into law on Wednesday a ban on taxpayer resources from funding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) offices and training in Alabama public universities, schools, and agencies.

Alabama state house Alabama News
Legislature sends ballot harvesting, DEI prohibitions to Ivey's desk

Tuesday was a banner day for conservative priorities at the Alabama State House.

DEI Alabama News
Talmadge Butts: What’s so divisive about the 'divisive concepts' bill?

Because there has been much ado from the opponents of the bill that “divisive concepts” is overbroad, it is important to review the actual text.

Anthony Daniels Alabama News
House Minority Ldr Daniels on DEI ban: 'If Nick Saban were still coaching, this bill would have never seen the light of day'

Last week, the Alabama House of Representatives passed a Senate bill that would abolish state-funded DEI programs, leading to vigorous protest from Democrats in both legislative houses.

DEI Vote. Alabama News
Alabama Legislature advances anti-DEI bill

Despite vigorous Democratic debate and protest, the Alabama House of Representatives passed legislation banning state-funded Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) offices.

Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin Photo from Facebook Alabama News
Self-proclaimed 'biggest Bama fan' Mayor Woodfin urging athletes to stay out of Alabama if bill eliminating DEI departments passes

Although he is claiming to be the "biggest Bama fan," Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin says he would advise athletes to stay out of Alabama should the state legislature pass legislation banning taxpayer-funded Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion departments.

DEI scoreboard at Auburn's Jordan-Hare Stadium, 11/18/2023 Alabama News
'I've been assured and reassured': State Rep. Oliver says divisive concepts legislation will pass in 'first week or two' of legislative session

What seems like a layup for a supermajority Republican-led Alabama Legislature has eluded the body for the last few years.

DEI training Alabama News
Alabama Works state workforce initiative grant funded by DEI-focused companies

Despite studies showing how unsuccessful and harmful diversity, equity and inclusion policies and programs can be, DEI-backed funding sources still support training and workforce development in states across the country, including Alabama.

DEI Alabama News
Joey Clark: DEI denies the gifts of personal honor and dignity

DEI demands the unearned, rewarding its acolytes a resentful license to carry out collective punishment and unequal treatment in the name of equal justice.  

Aderholt at Guntersville Coop Brewery Alabama News
U.S. Rep. Aderholt: New discretionary spending bill will force federal agencies ‘to run lean and mean,’ cut spending for DEI, ‘controversial grantees’

U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt introduced a bill this week cutting spending by almost 30% and limiting funding for what he called “controversial grantees.”

Nancy Pack Alabama News
State library director contradicts previous statements on ALA relationship, defends DEI in libraries in response to Ivey letter

In her response letter to Gov. Kay Ivey, Alabama Public Library Service (APLS) director Nancy Pack expressly contradicted previous statements made to 1819 News regarding the state library’s connection with the American Library Association (ALA).

University of Alabama Capstone School of Nursing Alabama News
Nursing student withdraws from University of Alabama claiming CRT, DEI curriculum promoted 'hate, racism, sexism and lies'

A student earning her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from the University of Alabama says she left the school after a professor brought Critical Race Theory and other diversity, equity and inclusion ideas into the classroom.

Steve Marshall Alabama News
AG Marshall calls for Fortune 100 companies to end 'insidious and unlawful' race-based hiring practices

The AGs put any company that has previously “resorted to racial preferences or naked quotas to offset its bigotry” on notice, urging the CEOs to cease those practices.

Auburn and Alabama Alabama News
Study reveals little return on investment to support millions spent on DEI efforts at Alabama, Auburn

The Claremont Institute recently published a new study outlining diversity, equity and inclusion policy and programs at the University of Alabama and Auburn University.

Federalist Society panel Alabama News
Federalist Society hosts debate on 'freedom of thought' as more Southern states look to combat woke ideology on college campuses

From Critical Race Theory to diversity, equity and inclusion, more Southern states like Alabama and Florida are trying to push back against woke ideology at public universities.

Supreme Court 2 Alabama News
SCOTUS rules against affirmative action — ACLL's Clark: DEI programs at universities 'in trouble'

Alabama Center for Law and Liberty president Matt Clark told 1819 News on Thursday morning that he thinks diversity, equity and inclusion programs at public universities could face legal challenges after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against affirmative action in college admissions. 

UAB Alabama News
As states abandon 'destructive' DEI policies, UAB Medical School doubles down by striving to be a 'national leader'

The majority of medical schools across the country embrace Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) is one of them. But there has been a pushback on requiring DEI training in some states and on some university campuses this year.

Lawyer Alabama News
Matt Clark: Why ‘DEI’ would spell ‘DIE’ in the legal profession

Instead of a fair assessment of how much a lawyer knows, the NextGen exam focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion, or DEI for short.

Alabama Bankers Association Alabama News
Alabama Bankers Association to host ‘Business Case for DEI’ webinar this month

The Alabama Bankers Association is hosting a webinar to argue in favor of diversity, equity and inclusion policies in the state’s financial institutions, as the policies have been the focus of heavy criticism from conservatives around the country.

DEI blocks Alabama News
Alabama Power’s parent company Southern Co. employees’ DEI training rate was 81% in ‘22, CEO says

About 81% of Southern Company employees participated in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training in 2022, according to a letter to stockholders sent by outgoing Southern Company CEO and Chairman Thomas Fanning on Friday.

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