Governor Kay Ivey's office responded to a query from 1819 News on Tuesday about the ongoing chaos in the Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC).

Last week, the ADOC released more than 100 violent inmates after a 2021 law took effect. The release drew heat from critics such as Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, who filed a lawsuit against the ADOC, claiming it failed to complete the required victim notification despite having over a year to do so. Marshall's case delayed the release of most inmates eligible under the law.

Many other issues, including problems with prison violence, hiring guards, drugs, executions and the construction of Alabama's two new mega prisons, have also haunted the ADOC.

Maiola told 1819 News on Tuesday that Ivey has helped bring many of these problems to light and will continue to improve the state's corrections system. 

"In fact, we would not be having the conversations on the long-standing challenges facing ADOC, if it were not for Governor Ivey's leadership and her willingness to address problems that others have neglected for far too long," Maiola said. "As she has said many times, 'We need an Alabama solution to an Alabama problem.'"

Though the governor herself remains silent on the issue, Maiola told last week that Ivey will always put public safety at the forefront of her priorities.

About the prisoner release, Maiola said that it was "a pro-public safety, pro-common sense measure and implemented [while] respecting the rights of crime victims."

"The lawsuit challenging this action was dismissed in the courts, so, we will let those facts speak for themselves," Maiola said.

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