Despite an MVP-like performance by quarterback Jalen Hurts, the Philadelphia Eagles came up short in Super Bowl LVII, losing to the Kansas City Chiefs 38-35.

The former Alabama star was 27 of 38 for 307 yards and a touchdown, and he carried the ball 15 times for 70 yards and three touchdowns. Hurts' only blemish was a lost fumble that led to a touchdown for the Chiefs.

After the game, Hurts said it was a "tough" loss but that he would be able to "learn" from it.

"It's tough," Hurts told reporters. "You know, we worked really hard to have this opportunity, and to come up short, you know, it's tough. I think there's always a lot to learn from, and we get the opportunity to reflect on some of the things we didn't do [or] could've done, but you know, I think there's a lot to learn from it."

Hurts also lamented his key turnover.

"I always hold myself to a very high standard with everything that I do," he said of the fumble. "Obviously, I try to control the things that I can. You know, I touch the ball every play, so obviously, you want to protect it. It did hurt us. It hurt us. You never know what play it will be, but it hurt us."

The NFL MVP runner-up vowed to use the game as a "teachable moment."

“You either win or you learn," Hurts declared. "You know, as always, win, lose or draw, I always reflect on the things that I could’ve done better, the things we could’ve done better to try and take that next step. And that’ll be the same process that goes on now.”

He continued, “Obviously, we had a big-time goal in the end that we wanted to accomplish, and we came up short. I think the beautiful part about it is everyone experiences different pains, different agonies of life, but you decide if you want to learn from it, you decide if you want to use that to be a teachable moment, and I know what I’ll do.” 

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